Al Ameera Food Stuff




Al Ameera Foodstuff has expanded its operations to include other products in an organic development of the existing range that entwined with the company vision. Today, Al Ameera Range includes; Tahina, Halawa, Olive oil, and confectionary Spreads



Tahina is one of the most important ingredients in the middle—eastern cuisine. It is made from pure ground sesame seeds, a natural and healthy…

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Olive Oil


From the fertile land of the Mediterranean we brings only the finest of olive oil drops to bottle it in Al Ameera olive oil Label.

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Halawa, a traditional and healthy confectionary, is made mainly from sesame seeds. This product packs an amazing amount of nutritional benefits.

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Confectionery spreads


The idea was to Revolutionizing the traditional taste and form of Halawa with the new in a spreadable product. We have twisted the original…

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Canned Foods


These easy to open tins pack the goodness of the Mediterranean. Delicious, simple and easy to use. Just use the easy-to-open ring and enjoy your meal

Ketchup / Mayonaise


KETCHUP is a must have sauce to accompany many meals. Al Ameera Ketchup is prepared from the ripest and juiciest tomatoes and processed…

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