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Olive Oil

From the fertile land of the Mediterranean we brings only the finest of olive oil drops to bottle it in Al Ameera olive oil Label. The remarkable Benefits of olive oil only add value to our product offering and compliments with our company “vision”. Olive oil has many scientifically proven health benefits that promote the life and health for those who use it in their diets. It has been documented to protect from heart diseases and reduce the cholesterol level in the blood. It also regulates the acidity level in the stomach and prevents from Ulcers. Moreover, it’s widely used as body oil, lip Balm, and on the hair to nourish hair scalp. On top of that it adds flattering flavor to salads and seasonings. Al Ameera Olive Oil is famous for its exquisite taste and distinct aroma. There is no other oil you can add that gives the food the same flavor as that of Al Ameera Olive Oil.